The Karma

Karma Kollective is about the greater good working collectively on promoting emerging artists and visual cultures. Every piece in our collection is authentic and created by artists we truly believe in. It is our artist’s unique lifestyles, their growing potential, work processes, and means of creation that hold the karma. Our mission is to pass all of this on so you can easily experience and endure the karma of art.

The Founders

Karma Kollective was founded in 2017 by Sharona Tevet and Ran Lubaton- partners in life and in work, living in art-centric Tel Aviv, Israel. After a life-altering family tragedy, Tevet and Lubaton, came eye-to-eye with the fragility of life and decided to dedicate themselves completely to what is inspiring and meaningful. Building a community of creators as well as connecting people across the world with art is what they wanted to wake up to every single day.

Sharona Tevet an artist and a curator, graduate of Shenkar, College of Art and Design, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in a diverse family, the subject of self-identity versus collective cultures occupies her continuously. Leading to a change in the way art is experienced while sharing her eye for art, drew her towards founding Karma Kollective. Sharona can be found sipping on jin-n-tonic at her favorite local bar, in deep meditation or second-hand shops.

Ran Lubaton is a businessman by weekday, cyclist and a collector by weekend. Ran appreciates authentic pieces and collectors of any kind, just like him. Always in search for the right balance between ‘the material’ and ‘the spiritual’, Ran believes that art finds its place in between. Ran holds sentimental feelings for his vintage car and is inspired by the Israeli desert, interesting people and life itself. Through Karma Kollective, Ran is able to practice daily optimism and promote creative living among all.

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